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FAQs for Sea Cargo

FAQs for Sea Cargo

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Here, I am presenting the most common questions that our customers ask when they opt for Sea Way Mode of Transportation.

1) Where will my order be delivered?

The most common question is regarding the delivery of the order. In sea way, your order will be delivered to the nearest port from your location.

If your city does not have a port or not on the sea, your order will be delivered to the nearest inland port / custom warehouse.

All the major cities have the inland port and custom warehouse. So even if you are residing near sea, your order will come to nearest inland port or custom warehouse.

To know the nearest serviceable inland port from your location, you can write to us at with the name of your city and country. We will be happy to assist you.

2) Will my order come to my home?

Under this method, your order will be delivered to the nearest sea port or inland port from your location.

3) Do I need to pay anything when my shipment arrives?

The charges collected by us includes following charges:

Wooden Box Packaging Charges
Fumigation Charges
Insurance Charges
Advanced Cargo Declaration Charges
Origin Terminal Handling Charges
Custom Clearance in India
All the port charges at our end
Freight charges to the destination port

You will require to pay all the destination and handling charges at your end. It could be in the range of USD 300 - USD 500.

4) How much does it take to arrive the cargo to the nearest port ?

The different ports will have the different transit time depending upon the availability of the vessel. I am providing the approx transit time for the major countries as given below:

Country Transit Time
United States and Canada 35 - 45 Days
Australia, New Zealand 45 Days
European Countries 15 - 21 days
Middle East 15 Days
Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong 15 Days
African Countries 45 Days

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